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Cafe Oto trio and solos: 30 August 2021


29 Jan - 'Floating Sounds: remembering John Russell' article written by Ross Lambert, published by 'The Wire' magazine, Jan 2021 "



7 Dec - 'Song of a sore back/ A brown suit speaks'

Solo recording from 18 June 2020.Video Song of a stream/ buy Song of a sore back/ a brown suit speaks

Part of 'On&on&' produced by Daniel Blumberg, for Mute Records.

29 Mar - 'A duet' acoustic guitar performance with John Russell, released on Earshots Records. All proceeds to One Hundred Years Gallery.
Ross Lambert and John Russell, recorded June 2014.


27 Mar - Jean-Michel Van Schouwberg

Without pretension or too specific aesthetic direction, the British guitarist Ross Lambert gives us a solo guitar album at the same time subtle, endearing and exemplary. One of Eddie Pr?vost's companions among the closest and the oldest, Ross Lambert concentrated his musical activity mainly in the London community scene of radical improvisation and within the weekly workshop coordinated by Eddie Pr?vost. Before this workshop by Eddie Pr?vost became the rallying point for a new generation, I had the opportunity to taste their excellent sets at the Freedom of the City Festival 2001 and noticed his expertise and his sensitivity. With Eddie and saxophonist Seymour Wright, he burned the double CD SUM (Matchless Records) and their performance in a later edition of this FOTC allowed me to discover the main lines of his remarkable guitar playing. In this new opus recorded one afternoon, the guitarist delivers a series of 7 six-string excursions where his whims, his obsessions, his taste for disjointed and non-consonant intervals and the intersections of diagonals are defined or lost. of spirals. Ah, his fingerings on the left hand! We get out of it cheerful or dreamy, nostalgic or lucid atmospheres. We hear him making verbal comments that I find it hard to understand. Occur an evocation of African music as we hear it in Ocora discs, fugitive explorations of timbres which evoke the spirit of Eddie Pr?vost, a free-folk perfume and quirky constructions where adventurous harmonies and metric canvases evoke the rhythmic serialism described by Roger Smith. An improvising guitarist who deserves our full attention. Album produced by Edward Lucas and Daniel Kordik, the two responsible for the label and talented improvisational musicians. Orynx review


9 Jan - Interviewee, 'The Practice of Musical Improvisation - Dialogues with contemporary musical improvisers': Bertrand Denzler and Jean-Luc Guionnet (Bloomsbury)

The practice of musical improvisation




15 Sep - 100 Years Gallery, London

Solo performance, plus ensemble performance with Ed Shipsey, Emmanuelle Waeckerle, Matt Atkins, Yifeat Ziv, James O'Sullivan, Chris Hill” here-there-elsewhere

15 Sep - Ambrosia Rasputin Show ResonanceFm Radio, London - interview and live performance with violinist Ivor Kallin.

Ambrosia Rasputin 2019-09-15

21 Jun - I'Klectik Arts Lab, London, 'Oscillations' Solo performance and with others I'Klectik


Live group performance

Cafe Oto 2019 May 30

February - Artwork ''The metamusician'': front cover for Eddie Prevost solo recording - Eddie Prevost - Matching Mix

31 Jan - Ross Lambert interview (by email) - Jazz and Blues News website“

Jan 20 - Mopomoso ‘GUITARS’ concert, The Vortex, London

Live acoustic guitar performances: solo, duo, duo, tutti Mopomoso Guitars


Dec 16 - Live duo performance w James O'Sullivan, Mopomoso Xmas concert at The Vortex

find weblink


Nov 30 - Fri workshop


Nov 9 - Fri workshop


Nov 4 - Live quartet performance w Jack Wright, Mark Browne, Sonic Pleasure, Sheffield


Nov 3 - Live trio performance w Jack Wright, Mark Browne at Manchester Levenshulme Social Club

19 Oct - Solo - IKlectik Artslab

Club Integral


Oct - Daniel Spicer, Jazzwise review, [Find link or image]


Oct 7 - All about jazz review

"Most of all, though, Lambert is uncompromisingly himself, not looking to copy or borrow from anyone. His music is his own, reflecting years of listening to and playing with others, alongside his own unique experiences and explorations. Bailey would be proud of him..."

30 Sept - Cafe Oto, 'The experimental library - Agnes Varda' The experimental library - agnes varda

(Artwork on paper) featured at South London Gallery 11.03 - 07.04.2019

Aug 18 - Cafe Oto, duo w. Ute Kanngeisser

+ David Grubbs Duo with Ute Kanngeisser

Jul 27 - Oto P Space | Ross Lambert solo album, 'Magnit-iz-dat' album launch Link

- Solo

- duo w. Daniel Blumberg
Ross Lambert - Magnit-iz-dat

"...the most arresting, the most thoughtful, the most challenging music I heard [(?)...]

At the limits of intimacy and non-commerce, two recordings stand out for me: 1a) Ross Lambert: MAGNIT-IZ-DAT (Earshots! Recordings). Lambert adapts his guitar to the practice of psychogeography, the realm of his fellow-Londoners, writers Iain Sinclair and Will Self, by recording his guitar in the backseat of a car in various South London locales, making himself a spontaneous conduit between a world and an instrument..." (Stuart Broomer, Dec 2018): Point of departure review

Making 'Magnit-iz-dat' video

31 Mar - 100 years gallery

- solo

and w Mark Browne, Benedict Taylor, Chris Cundy


16 Feb - solo at IKlectik, Club Integral



Dec - duo w John Russell - Mopomoso Xmas gig - Vortex

Dec 2 - @ Hundred Years Gallery

- solo

- duo w Yoni Silver

- group w Julie Pickard, Douglas Benford

Feb 28 - Duo with Sejiro Murayama, Cafe Oto Project Space


2016 - Drawing featured in David Toop - 'Into the Maelstrom'

Sep 29 - Club Integral radio show guest

Aug 30 - RE/WOT #4 St Augustine’s Tower

Hackney, behind 354 Mare Street E8 1HR

trio Dimitra Lazaridou-Chatzigoga zither, Seijiro Murayama (percussion), Ross Lambert (guitar)


Daichi Yoshikawa (feedback)

Jun 11 - Electric Knife Records, London - KILT (Kordik/ Ikeda/ Lucas trio) & Ross Lambert solo guitar. 2pm, Donations

May 21 - solos, duo w Tom Wheatley

“Some types of vibrato:

1. The blood
2. Conspiratorial whispers
3. Plaits and pigtails
4. Floating blossoms
5. Barbed wire
6. A cold cicada bemoaning the cold of Autumn.

point the way towards my solo guitar performance.”

May 7 - Duo with Guillaume Viltard, Cafe Oto Project Space

Mar 1 - Duo with David Toop, Cafe Oto

Feb 29 -


Nov 3 - trio with Dimitra Lazaridou-Chatzigoga zither, Seijiro Murayama (percussion) and Ross Lambert (guitar) as part of Seijiro Murayama’s residency

OTO Project Space

?5 at the door only


May 8

Solo at L'Instant Chavire, Paris


Jun 7 - Guitar duo with John Russell, Hundred years gallery, London


Apr 21 - Cafe Oto - Quintet w Ross Lambert el guitar, Paul Abbott drums, Grundik Kasyansky drum machine, Tom Wheatley el bass, Seymour Wright alto


Mar 4 - Kammer Klang, Cafe Oto - Trio with Jamie Coleman (trumpet) and Guillaume Giltard (bass)


Jan 26 - Public Rendezvous

Hundred Years Gallery, London:

Hutch Demouilpied (trumpet), Ross Lambert (guitar), Eddie Prevost (percussion), Artur Vidal (alto saxophone), Tom Wheatley (double bass.


Xmas - mopomoso

Oct 24

Great Hall, Goldsmiths

Duo: Ross Lambert and Paul Abbott

Quartet: Seymour alto, Grundik theremin + Tom Guillaume double bass


Oct 13 - Cafe Oto

Solo (part on YouTube)

& Atmospheric Disturbance 11tet:

Nat Catchpole, Rachel Musson, Susan Lynch, Ricardo Tejero, David O'Connor ? 5 saxophones,

Hutch Demouilpied trumpet,

Ed Lucas trombone,

Ross Lambert ? guitar,

Philip Somervell ? piano,

Tom Wheatley ? double bass

and Eddie Pr?vost ? drums


Oct 5 - Brixton East, 100 Barrington Road

Quartet with Ute Kanngeisser, Jenny Allum, Gerry Gold


Aug 13 - Arch 1, East Ham

Kordik (an.synth.) Lucas (tb)

Lambert (g)

Roshung Gurang (eb) Noel Taylor (c)

July 24 - Flim Flam, Ryan’s Bar. 181 Stoke Newington Church St, London N16.

Rachel Musson/ Ross Lambert/ Guillaume Viltard trio ? saxophonist, guitar, acoustic bass.


May 10 - @ The Rag Factory 2

Ross Lambert- acoustic guitar


Jerry Wigens- clarinets

Julie Kjaer- saxophone

Thomas Kumlehn- flute

James O'Sullivan- electric guitar


Dec 10 - Interlace at Deptford Old Town Hall

Trio with Sebastian Lexer and John Wooleston

3 Nov - Jiada Solo acoustic guitar


9 Oct - The Horse

Duo w Seymour Wright

+ David Toop, Jenny Allum, Daichi Yoshigawa

+ Steve Noble/ Alex Ward

+ Richard Sanderson, Steve Beresford, Jerome Poirier

14 Jul - Cafe Oto

Organised Eddie Prevost's 70th birthday concert

Quintet w Jenny Allum, Guillaume Viltard, Harrison Smith, Gerry Gold

4 May - Jiada

Trio w Jenny and Daichi

+ Seymour Wright/ Seijiro Murayama

5 - 6 May - Cecil Sharp House, London, Freedom of The City (festival of improvised and experimental music)

Trio with Seijiro Murayama (snare) and Jennifer Allum (violin)

11 Mar - Necessary Praxis 4 at Servant Jazz Quarters, Dalston; Ross Lambert, Hyelim Kim, Dominic Lash and Steve Beresford; solos, duos, groups; quartet.

25 Feb - Arch 1

Trio w Jenny Allum, Ute Kanngiesser


20 Dec - Cafe Oto

Muddy Ditch #3

4 Duos - Pat Thomas, Ross Lambert, Jenny Allum, Adam Bohman

3 Oct -Network Theatre, London 'SUM' trio - Seymour Wright (sax), Ross Lambert (guitar) & Eddie Prevost (drums)

20 Nov - Servant Jazz Quarters


+ Xavier Lopez + Jenny Allum + Lucia H Chung

4 Jul - Network Theatre, London

Harrison Smith (sax), Ross Lambert (guitar), Guillaume Viltard (double bass) and Eddie Prevost (drums). 'Meetings with remarkable saxophonists' series.

1 May - Ulrichsberg Kaleidophon festival, Ulrichsberg, Austria. 'Sum' trio, with Eddie Prevost (d) and Seymour Wright (as)

12 Mar - Duo with Jean Luc Guionnet, St Marks church

5-6 Mar - Trio w ? As Alike As Trees a festival of Improvised and Experimental music. The Rag Factory, London w. ?

Eddie Prevost - The First Concert (book) ? an adaptive

appraisal of a meta music (2011).


28 Jun - Trio with Paul Abbott and Sebastian Lexer, Cafe Oto

2010 - Freedom of the City Festival 2010, Conway Hall, London:

1. SUM trio w. Eddie Prevost and Seymour Wright

2. Trio with Philip Somerville and Jean-Luc Guionnet

2010 Courtisane Experimental Film Festival, Ghent, Belgium - Trio of Ross Lambert, Paul Abbott, Seymour Wright

9 Jan - Solo at Interlace, The Great Hall, Goldsmiths College, New Cross, London


2 Nov - Institute of Contemporary Art (ICA), London, 'Calling out of Context' festival, trio with Sebastian Lexer (p+) and Guillaume Viltard (db).

26 Oct - Cafe Oto.

Three duos: Ross Lambert and Seymour Wright; Eddie Pr?vost/ Caroline Kraabel; Matt Olczak/ Daichi Yoshikawa

Feb 2009 - The Wire magazine - Sum


2008 - Sum at Cafe Oto, monthly residency. Recorded last gig there, one gig was a quartet with Lou Gare added.


27 Sept - The Cube, Bristol; 'Sum' trio, with Eddie Prevost (d) and Seymour Wright (as).


23 Feb - Interlace

Jamie Coleman (trmp), Ross Lambert (gt), John Lely (unspec.), Sebastian Lexer (pno+) & Seymour Wright (sax)

Frederic Blondy (pno), Bertrand Gauguet (sax)& Martine Altenburger (cello)

Martine Altenburger, Frederic Blondy, Jamie Coleman, Bertrand Gauguet, Ross Lambert, John Lely, Sebastian Lexer & Seymour Wright

Unknown date FOC Conway Hall trio with Jean-Luc Guionnet (France) and Philip Somerville (Chile)


14 Jul - Publican Enemy
Roger Redgate (amplified violin), John Lely (unspecified), Sebastian Lexer (pno+), Dar?o Bernal Villegas (dr) & Matthew Wright (turntables)

Tisha Mukarji (pno) & Mark Wastell (tamtam)

Ross Lambert (guit) & Jerry Wigens (cla)


20 Jun - Shunt Vaults, London Bridge Station

'a trio of trios'

Evan Parker (saxophone), Marcio Mattos (cello) & John Edwards (double bass)
Rhodri Davies (harp), Ross Lambert (acoustic guitar) & Matt Samson (laptop)
Benedict Drew (laptop), Louisa Martin (laptop) & Seymour Wright (alto sax)

Three newly convened trios tapping historical and musical linkages. Parker, Mattos and Edwards have worked together in larger groups but not a trio. Davies’s first experience of improvised music allegedly came from hearing Lambert and Samson’s early 1990s duo ‘orange‘ in Sheffield . The laptops and saxophone trio explores Drew and Martin’s connection through the trio portable (with Davies), and Wright/Drew’s history as a duo.
This concert had been organised by INTERLACE and ONGAKU:enjoy_sound


14 Jun - Shunt Vaults, London Bridge Station

'man and machine'

Benedict Drew (laptop), Phil Durrant (laptop), John Lely (laptop), Sebastian Lexer (laptop) & Mattin (laptop)

The laptop is a musical instrument being defined. Five of its most innovative pioneers will gather and play together for the first time. Each of them has a drastically different vision of what the new instrument can do and be.
This concert had been organised by INTERLACE and ONGAKY:enjoy_sound


3 - 4 Feb - Goldsmiths College, New Cross

9! - Jennifer Allum, Nathaniel Catchpole, Jamie Coleman, Shakeeb Abu Hamdan, Ross Lambert, John Lely, Sebastian Lexer, Eddie Prevost, Michael Rodgers, Samantha Rebello, Tara Stuckey, Romuald Wadych, Jerry Wigens & Seymour Wright


9 Nov - The recordings of this concert have been released on Matchless Recordings: MRCD70

This concert had been organised by INTERLACE and ONGAKU:enjoy_sound

Tom Chant (sax), Ross Lambert (gt), Sebastian Lexer (pno+) & Matthew Milton (vln) >MRCD70<

Jamie Coleman (tr), Mark Wastell (Harmonium) & Seymour Wright (sax) >MRCD70<

AMM (Eddie Prevost (perc) & John Tilbury (pno)) >MRCD70<

_15: 14 October 2006 :7 pm

Halal Kebab Hut >mp3<

Dario Bernal Villegas (dr) (4 sets) >mp3< >mp3< >mp3< >mp3<

Angharad Davies (vln) & Dominic Lash (db) >mp3<

Jamie Coleman (trp), Ross Lambert (gt), Sebastian Lexer (pno+) & Seymour Wright (sax) >mp3<

_12: 28+29 January 2006

Hubbub (Frederic Blondy (pno), Berntrand Denzler (s), Jean-Luc Guionett (s), Jean-Sebastien Mariage (gt), Edward Perraud (dr)) & Jamie Coleman (tr), Ross Lambert (gt), John Lely (unspec), Sebastian Lexer (pno+) and Seymour Wright (s)

24 Oct 2005

Ongaku - 'enjoy_sound', Red Rose Club, 129 Seven Sisters Road, London

Trio - Tetuzi Akiyama (guitar), John Butcher (saxophones), Ross Lambert (guitar)

Duo - Nathaniel Catchpole (tenor saxophone), Sebastian Lexer (piano, computer and electronics)

2005 duo w. Eddie Prevost @ Antenna Studios, Crystal Palace


Eddie Prevost - Minute Particulars (2004 book, published Copula)


__8: 02 October 2004 :7 pm

Sean Baxter (dr), David Brown (guit) & Anthony Pateras (prep. pno) >mp3<

9 ! : Nathaniel Catchpole (ts), Ross Lambert (g), John Lely (electr), Sebastian Lexer (pno, laptop), John Lithman (laptop), Eddie Prevost (perc), Sam Rebello (fl), Tara Stuckey (cl) & Seymour Wright (as).

9 ! + Natasha Anderson (fl, laptop), Sean Baxter (dr), David Brown (guit) & Anthony Pateras (prep. pno) >mp3<


1 May - Freedom of the City Festival, Conway Hall, London

The World Book - Ross Lambert, John Lely & Seymour Wright; AMM - Eddie Prevost, ; MEV


Lucky Rabbit duo CD-R on Twothousandand Recordings 2++6

2003 Derby Jazz - The World Book, Keith Rowe


__4: 15 March 2003 :7 pm

The World Book - Ross Lambert, John Lely & Seymour Wright

Sebastian Lexer (pno) & Romuald Wadych (unspec.) >mp3<

Nick Rothwell (laptop, electronic)

Tania Chen (pno) & Ian Stonehouse (laptop) >mp3<


__3: 25 January 2003 : 7pm

9 ! >CD<

Nathaniel Catchpole (ts), Jamie Coleman (tpt), Alex James (pno), Ross Lambert (g), John Lely (pno, electr), Sebastian Lexer (pno, electr), Marianthi Papalexandri (objects), Eddie Prevost (perc) & Seymour Wright (as).

(9! has released a CD on Matchless Recording featuring studio recordings as well as parts of this concert)

Additional sets not included on the CD:
Nathaniel Catchpole, Ross Lambert and Eddie Prevost >mp3<
John Lely and Seymour Wright >mp3<
Ross Lambert and Marianthi Papalexandri >mp3<


Oligarch Shit Transfusion, The Foundry 27 Oct 2002 Duo w Michael Rodgers guitar USA & 30 Nov duo w Daniel Beban guitar NZ

Oct 2002

Organiser Ongaku Enjoy sound concert series with Nat Catchpole starts at 291 Gallery with Eddie Prevost and Derek Bailey duo,

then Museum of Garden History and St Cyprian's Church

Oct 2002 9! none-t (2003) - recorded at Gateway Studios, Kingston

__2: 5 July 2002 : 7 pm >top<

NathanielCatchpole (ts), Tim Goldie (dr), Ross Lambert (guit), Joel Stern (labtop) & Nishide Takehiro (unspecified) >mp3<

Jamie Coleman (trp), Alex James (pno) & Sebastian Lexer (pno + electr.) >mp3<

Michael Parsons - September 2001 (Michael Parsons - Piano, Sebastian Lexer - electronic)

Eddie Prevost (perc) >mp3<

6 May -Freedom of the city

Procession 2 - Mattin, Takehiro Nishide, Tim Goldie, Evan Parker, Michael Rodgers, Ross Lambert


2001 Freedom of the city - Sunday 4 May? (Matchless)

The Particles


Network Vol.2 (Discus) 'Synthaprufe' - Orange Free State Ross Lambert & Matt Sansom

The Grapes, Sheffield - Duo w Charlie Collins

COMA - Yorkshire rep


Thrush - Ross Lambert e. guitar, Brian Mawdsley - e. bass, John Thompson - tenor sax/ drums

ACME - Hallamshire Hotel


Feetpackets - Listen Feetpackets (Discus)


Feetpackets live tape

Feetpackets gigs - Sheffield Poly, Leeds Adelphi, Hull, Nottingham, Canal Cafe Theatre, Rosemary Branch, Covent Garden Community Centre, Red Rose, Merlin Theatre

Nottingham, Mappin Art Gallery