Ross Lambert & John Russell, 100 Years Gallery

Ross Lambert: 'Magnit-iz-dat' in Point of Departure end of year summary 2018
"...the most arresting, the most thoughtful, the most challenging music I heard...
At the limits of intimacy and non-commerce, two recordings stand out for me: 1a) Ross Lambert: MAGNIT-IZ-DAT (Earshots! Recordings). Lambert adapts his guitar to the practice of psychogeography, the realm of his fellow-Londoners, writers Iain Sinclair and Will Self, by recording his guitar in the backseat of a car in various South London locales, making himself a spontaneous conduit between a world and an instrument..." (Stuart Broomer, Dec 2018)



: : I’m an Irish free improvisation guitarist and ‘magnetic and vibrating sources’ player. Visual artist. Writer. Designer.

Northern Irish, based in London, UK. Born 1962, Omagh, Northern Ireland.


: : “I must prepare to be open, an open book that absorbs and transmits as much as it speaks. In the same way that instrumental practice removes the lag of the circuit-board that is arms, hands and fingers, allowing the ear to connect directly to projection device and its receiver in that information-rich feedback loop. I am a process as much as a thing.

And how to create value? Integrity creates value, innovation too. An important thing [is] to find personal engagement, which sometimes happens immediately and sometimes takes time and patient effort to generate. Sometimes the focus is more on innovation in the present but it also can be on historical references, sometimes shared ones. Mostly, these things work together, parallel streams that feed off each other in repeating patterns of coalescence, separation, mistake, coincidence. Reflecting, shadowing; binaries of the design process, pre-building whilst building: innovating, testing, filtering, repeating; the small discards and reinforcements within self-editing whilst playing, within the macro of my long-term and selfish mantra: playing for the first time while also for the last; the created one about to die, playing like a baby while knowing I die when the sound ends. Which is a dilemma. I am Pincher Martin looking backwards and forwards unconsciously as fleeting moments expand in strange dimensions. The sense of doubt, of an ending, of form that coalesces and structures itself with little intervention from the conscious side, but nonetheless seeks structure.”
[Ross Lambert, 2018. From his sleeve notes for 'Magnit-iz-dat'.]





Two Earshots recordings
2019 interview
Solo YouTube video




17 May 2022
: : Adam Bohman and Ross Lambert duo.
at The Horse Improvised Music Club
Venue: Iklectik Old Paradise Yard,20 Carlisle Lane.London SE1 7LG, SE1 7LG London

Doors 8pm, start 8.30pm.



30 August 2021 - Cafe Oto, London. Live performance. See here for details.

29 January 2021 - 'Floating Sounds: remembering John Russell' article written by Ross Lambert, published by 'The Wire' magazine, January 2021 -